Baptism is the way we are welcomed into the church, it is the gateway to the other sacraments and is one of God’s most beautiful and magnificent gifts.  Through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as children of God.

Infants and Children.
Please make contact with one of the clergy to discuss details and a date.  Baptisms normally take place on a Saturday at 12.30 pm at either church, but must be arranged in advance.
At least one of the Godparents of the child to be baptised should be a baptised and confirmed Catholic and over the age of 16.
After the initial arrangements have been made, you will be contacted by one of the parish catechists, who will meet you to welcome you and your child into the parish family.
If your child is of an appropriate age we would normally suggest that he or she should follow the First Holy Communion course at the next convenient opportunity.

Adults wishing to be baptised should contact one of the clergy to arrange an appointment.  Normally adults would follow the RCIA course (Rite of Initiation of Christian Adults), a course designed to introduce people to the Christian faith, after which they are baptised into the church.

Copies of Baptism Certificates
Normally these are posted out to you after the ceremony and should be kept carefully, as these will be needed to enrol in Catholic schools, for First Holy Communion and Confirmation, or to get married in church.  If you have lost the certificate for a baptism which was done in our parish, and need a replacement, please contact the parish secretary, giving as much detail as you can e.g. date of birth, and we should be able to issue a copy from our records.